jewelry care

All jewelry - no matter what the material - is still subject to occasional scratches, dents, and the build-up of grime of our daily lives.

Here are a few tips on how to properly care for your jewelry:

1. "last on first off" - your jewelry should be the last step in getting yourself ready to take on the day and the first step when getting ready to snooze. This will minimize exposure to creams, makeup, hair products, or other chemicals that can damage the quality of your pieces.

2. Avoid washing the dishes, showering, swimming or exercising in your jewelry.

3. When you're not wearing your jewelry, keep them in a cool, dry place stored in a jewelry box or jewelry bag to keep them from tangling with other pieces or collecting dust. Do NOT store your pieces in the bathroom - exposure to humidity, water, and chemicals can cause your jewelry to tarnish or the metal plating to erode.

Please note, though we source pieces made with quality materials, jack + jane is not responsible for any reaction or sensitivity to any pieces. Thank you for your understanding!  

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